ECM Barista

Our distinctive one: a head-turner in the modern kitchen.

Heat Exchanger System with Vibration Pump.

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Style icon in the modern kitchen

  • Heavy, solid E61 brew group
  • High-quality copper boiler (approx. 2.1 l)
  • Easy access to the water tank through removable cup warming tray
  • Control lamp to indicate water shortage
  • 2 traditional portafilters
ECM brew group
Ring brew group
Water tank approx. 3 l
Boiler volume approx. 2.1 l
Copper boiler
Stainless steel boiler
Brass boiler
Boiler pressure gauge
Pump pressure gauge
PID control
Programmable dosing
Vibration pump
Rotary pump
Water tank/direct water supply switchover
Rotary valve technology
Lever valve technology
Removable cup warming tray
ECM portafilter(s)
Number portafilter(s) 2
Weight 23 kg
Measurements (without portafilter)
w x d x h
335 x 445 x 395 mm


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