Fräus Drinking Chocolate – 500g Tin – Dark


Rich European Hot Chocolate  |  500g Tin
Rich, creamy, thick milk chocolate made from the only the finest quality cocoas.

Dark Chocolate  | For the chocolate connoisseur, a rich, intensely flavoured dark chocolate which contains a richness found only in the finest of cocoa beans.


Fräus’ seriously rich European Hot Chocolate is a result of blending the most precious and aromatic cacao, with a variety of natural products to create a drinking chocolate regarded among the world’s finest.

The range of Fräus flavours dates back to the old tradition of chocolate making by the European masters. By blending the precious “Caraque”, regarded as the most aromatic and rare of Cocoa available, they were able to produce noble recipes exclusive to the royalty of Europe and eventually introduced into the circles of high society. It is now our pleasure to bring to you Fräus’ unique range of the finest blends of drinking chocolate, obtained after years of experience in the “Chocolat” production.



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