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Pesado Clump Crusher Stand (WDT tool)



The new alloy WDT stand by Pesado allows the Clump Crusher to be effectively stored and kept aligned.

The all-alloy design helps the crusher pins to be evenly spread out and maintained at their optimal position. This will allow the WDT distribution to be efficient for each coffee.

Stand only –  to be used in conjunction with the Pesado Clump Crusher.

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We recommend to insert the clump crusher at an angle when placing on the stand, once the clump crusher adjusts to the stand, it will become easier to place on the stand

The Weiss Distribution Technique is a method of de-clumping and distributing the ground coffee in the portafilter for a better and more even extraction.  The removable needle system allows for you to easily clean, replace or change the look of your setup.


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