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Pesado Clump Crusher (WDT tool) – Riga



The Pesado clump crusher fluffs out the puck by breaking clumps which in turn evens out the density of the coffee. 

Pesado’s take on the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tool.

  • 45mm Needle Length
  • 0.5mm Needle Thickness
  • 8 total needles

Complete with the Pesado Clump Crusher Stand.

Available on back-order



The Weiss Distribution Technique is a method of de-clumping and distributing the ground coffee in the portafilter for a better and more even extraction.

The removable needle system allows for you to easily clean, replace or change the look of your setup.

We highly suggest to treat all wooden products with maximum care, do not soak products in water as it may cause wood to crack.


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