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ECM ‘Gran Crema’ Bottomless Naked Portafilter



Bottomless portafilter for the perfect crema.

  • Chrome-plated porta filter with ECM branding
  • Ergonomic angled handle
  • 21g filter is included
  • Allows the use of cups up to 13 cm in height
  • Do not put in dishwasher!
  • Item 89426

Espresso Elements is an authorised agent for ECM Manufacture in Australia.



The ultimate barista tool.

A great way to assess your tamping technique, especially for double and triple shots.  Ergonomically angled to 15 degrees and counterweighted at the tip.



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Benefits of using crema bottomless portafilter

Unlock the full potential of your espresso experience with the crema bottomless portafilter, a game-changer offered by Espresso Elements. This innovative accessory provides discerning coffee enthusiasts with a heightened sensory journey. The key benefits include enhanced extraction, allowing you to savour your coffee’s full spectrum of flavours. Witness the mesmerising crema formation, a visual delight that signifies a perfectly brewed shot. The bottomless portafilter also promotes easy cleaning, ensuring a consistently fresh taste. Elevate your coffee ritual with this indispensable tool, proudly brought to you by Espresso Elements—where excellence meets every pour, and the art of brewing reaches new heights.

Maintenance & cleaning tips for ECM gran crema portafilter

Ensure your Espresso Elements experience stays top-notch with these essential maintenance and cleaning tips for your ECM gran crema portafilter. To preserve the rich flavour of your espresso, regularly clean the crema bottomless portafilter with warm water and a mild detergent. Pay special attention to the filter basket, ensuring no coffee residues are left behind. Additionally, thoroughly check the gasket and handle to ensure optimal performance. Incorporate a routine backflush with a cleaning agent for a deeper cleanse. Remember, the key to a perfect espresso lies in the meticulous care of your ECM gran crema portafilter—making Espresso Elements your trusted partner in brewing excellence.


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