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ECM Synchronika V3 PID Dual Boiler – Anthracite

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Synchronika Anthracite delivers the highest quality, expectations and standards of the Synchronika, but with a beautiful powder coated Anthracite housing.

Equipped with the components of a high quality, professional espresso machine, the Synchronika is one of the most popular dual boiler home espresso machines available.

  • Version with powder-coated housing in Anthracite
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Boiler and steam/hot water boiler
  • Subtle, silver-coloured PID Display
  • High end ECM brew group with innovative stainless-steel bell
  • Low-noise rotary pump
  • Switchable from water tank to a fixed water connection
  • Large boiler and pump pressure gauges in a retro design
  • Professional quick-steam and hot-water valves, in an extravagant design, with an ergonomic movement mechanism
  • 2 ergonomically angled ECM portafilter with weight-balanced shape

Espresso Elements is an authorised agent for ECM Manufacture in Australia.



As a dual boiler machine, ultimate stability, yet flexibility is offered. Two separate boilers, one for brewing espresso and one for steaming and hot water supply, allow temperatures to be set independently. Perfect for adapting brew recipes, making adjustments as coffee ages and also enables brewing and steaming simultaneously without compromising the espresso quality.

With impeccable craftsmanship from ECM, the Synchronika has an elegant design, featuring a subtle silver PID* display. This display is easily accessible and offers the ability to adjust temperatures, acts as a shot timer and delivers a brew group cleaning reminder.

The rotary pump offers a quiet performance and the option of plumbing into a fixed water connection or drawing water from the internal reservoir.

* What is “PID” all about?  PID stands for Proportional Integral Derivative.  It’s a mechanism that allows you to constantly monitor and set your preferred temperature of the boiler/s, and the ability to make small adjustments to that temperature.  Coffee machines that don’t have a PID operate like a thermostat – when the temperature drops below a pre-set temperature, the water will automatically heat back up.  So while a PID is not a necessity (espresso machines have been around for a long time without them!), it does allow for much greater consistency of temperature and therefore much greater consistency in the quality of your espresso.


Model  Synchronika Anthracite
Pump Rotary
Thermal Control PID
Boiler Style Dual Boiler
Boiler Capacity (L) 0.75 and 2.1
Water Tank 2.8
Amperage 10 amp
Width (mm) 335
Depth (mm) 490
Height (mm) 410
Unboxed Weight (kg) 30
Warranty 24 Months Manufacturers



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