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    ECM Classika PID

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    Our classic in a timeless stainless steel design – with PID control.

    The Classika PID* is a compact work of art, in elaborately finished stainless steel housing.

    Despite its space saving design, the Classika PID contains many professional components such as the patented ECM brewing group or convenient PID controller.

    • PID Display for the individual adjustment of the boiler temperature and display of the brewing time for your espresso.
    • Short heat-up phase
    • Elaborately manufactured stainless steel body
    • High end ECM brew group with innovative stainless-steel bell
    • Premium quality stainless steel boiler
    • Easy access to the expansion valve for an individual brew pressure adjustment

    Espresso Elements is an authorised agent for ECM Manufacture in Australia.



    With a professional ECM brew group and powerful steam wand, the Classika is a reliable performer. Equipped with PID* so you can set your desired temperature for brewing and creating steam.  The PID control displaying the temperature and also works as a shot timer.

    Additionally, an easily accessible expansion valve allows the home barista to explore varying pressure profiles for their selected coffee and to adapt as needed when variables change.

    * What is “PID” all about?  PID stands for Proportional Integral Derivative.  It’s a mechanism that allows you to constantly monitor and set your preferred temperature of the boiler/s, and the ability to make small adjustments to that temperature.  Coffee machines that don’t have a PID operate like a thermostat – when the temperature drops below a pre-set temperature, the water will automatically heat back up.  So while a PID is not a necessity (espresso machines have been around for a long time without them!), it does allow for much greater consistency of temperature and therefore much greater consistency in the quality of your espresso.


    Model Classika PID
    Thermal ControlPID
    Boiler StyleSingle Boiler, Stainless Steel
    Boiler Capacity (L)0.75
    Water Tank2.8
    Amperage10 amp
    Width (mm)250
    Depth (mm)445
    Height (mm)395
    Unboxed Weight (kg)18.5
    Warranty24 Months Manufacturers



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